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New Tee Fits: Street vs. Raptor

A guide on the two newest fits in our mens tshirt offering. Find your perfect fitting tee.

New Tee Fits: Street vs. Raptor

There are a lot of different types of shirts out there, but at Neverland Store we pride ourselves on curating the ultimate range of basic and graphic tees to serve your streetwear needs. With a broad range of fits from the slim fit curved tee, the regular relaxed fit to the latest oversized and boxier fit tees you'll always find a fit to suit your shape and style from brands you know and love and some you may not have come across before.

Let us run you through the differences in two of our latest t-shirt cuts, the Street and the Raptor. Now available online and in stores curated from Australian streetwear brands; Kiss Chacey, Nena and Pasadena, Nomadic Paradise, Mind Gallery and Americain Paris.

The Street Fit Tee

You might hear the term 'boxy fit' thrown around a lot at the moment, that's because it's the latest trend in streetwear style along with a more cropped length. If you're the one who's always seen wearing the latest gear, the Street Fit Tee is for you.

So what does boxy fit mean?

Basically a box fit means the tee is cut wide and doesn't taper in or out, the cut is almost straight up and down like the sides of a box.


Our collection of Street Fit Tees are a baggier box fit through the body. They also have a dropped shoulder with a longer sleeve length, which means the length from shoulder seam to seam is longer creating an oversized look which is also great for guys with bigger or broader shoulder.

The fit features a slightly cropped length and higher thick rib neckline, making is on-point with the latest in street trends with the tee finishing just below the belt line.

The Raptor Tee

If you're keen to get onboard with the trend but the sound of a cropped length isn't for you or you're a bit taller and broader, the Raptor tee is a great alternative.

What is a raptor fit?

A similar boxy cut, the Raptor tee is a few cm longer, and has some added space in the sleeve, chest and a bigger dropped shoulder. So if you're on the taller or more built side, it will sit the way the Street Fit is intended to on an average guy. If you're more average to slim it will fit a bit bigger and longer for a more oversized tee look.


At the moment the Raptor tee is available exclusively from Nena and Pasadena. They're known for a premium, elevated look so go check them out here.

What's The Main Difference In These Types Of Tshirts?

Choosing the fit for you really depends on what style you're looking to achieve, as well as your body shape. If you're feeling unsure about a shorter length tee, try the Raptor first. If you're on the taller or broader built side of body shapes we recommend the Raptor Fit. But to really nail the street trend, the Street Fit Tee is it with it's more cropped length and higher neckline.

Rest assured, if you receive your tee and it's not right for you we will take it back within 30 days, hassle free. Or you can duck into one of our stores and our team will be ready to help you find your perfect fit.

How To Wear The Latest Trend In Mens Tee Fits

When our team style these boxy tees to achieve the latest street look, the go-to bottom is a baggy jean or cargo. That all baggy look is prime right now. If getting right into the trend head-to-toe isn't for you, we can help you modernise your look. We're seeing our customers style oversized and box fit tees with straight or tighter fitting jeans or joggers. Some people find a balance of baggy up top and slimmer down bottom works better for their body shape, so don't feel like you have to miss out on keeping pace with the latest streetwear.

Explore some looks styled by our crew from the latest campaign shoot below.