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Nena and Pasadena

NXP (Nena and Pasadena) is a premium streetwear brand renowned for its commitment to crafting trend-driven, high-quality garments for the everyday man. NXP’s reputation rests on their dedication to achieving excellence in fit, fabrication, and finish across every piece in its range.

They draw inspiration from trends and influences from around the globe; whilst never forgetting the Australian culture they were built upon. Surrounded by a tight-knit community across streetwear and sport; their authentic community ties form an integral part of the brand's DNA. 

Nena and Pasadena are constantly evolving the range of pants, jeans, cargos and shorts; outfit them with an NXP t-shirt or tank top for the full modern streetwear kit out. When cooler moments hit, reach for the range of jumpers and hoodies.

Nena and Pasadena